Pan Flute N.A.F. Golden Eagle flute key of "F#" minor - Aromatic Cedar
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Our Price: $199.00

Pan Flute. Made out in bamboo and wood. 3 octaves; available in any key, tuned in 4.40. Recommended for people who has experience with another wind instrument. The price varies depending on the color and wood used in the finish.

This key is used in many Native American flute recordings. It has a melodic mystical voice. Recommended for those who have experience with the Native flute or other instruments. Deeper in tone than the "G". Leather tie included on the 6th hole. FREE how to play DVD.

DVD - The Beauty of Canaan Sacred Land
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Breathtaking waterfalls,glorious fall foliage, fields of wild blueberries and cotton grass, mountaintops above the clouds, and deer in the natural habitat are just a few of the diverse and spectacular sights that you will see as you take this photo journey through Dolly Sods, Blackwater Falls State Park and Canaan Valley. Located in West Virginia, this region is known as one of the most beautiful natural areas in the country. This DVD features the soothing native american flute music of Johnsy G. The Whisper.

This album was nominated for the Native American Music Awards 2008 in the category of Best Instrumental Recording.

Track List:

1.- Desert Spirit
2.- Tears of the Moon
3.- Highland Visions
4.- Canyon Dreams
5.- Storm Light
6.- Cherokee River
7.- River Journey
8.- Beneath the Raven Moon
9.- Voices of the Wind
10.- Winds of Moments

Mini Ocarinas Earrings - Native Designs
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Made in clay, hand-painted with geometric patterns. Comes with hanger.

Available in; wolves, eagles, kokopellis, horses, bears, geometric art, indians face.